As of Saturday, November 11, 2008, if you choose to submit your National
Provider Identifier on Aetna's electronic transactions you will first need
to supply your NPI to Aetna in order for this id to be recognized. Please
do not manually or otherwise submit your NPI, including any submissions which utilize the Express Entry function which contain NPIs stored via Maintain Provider, on Aetna transactions until you have supplied it to Aetna. If you are unable to supply your NPI to Aetna prior to this date, it is recommended you remove the NPI number from the Maintain Provider function until you can supply this to Aetna.

Please contact the Availity Customer Service Center for any additional questions you may have at 1.800.AVAILITY.

Availity apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause your organization and we thank you for your continued support.