Dear Customer;

"The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 required
issuance of a unique National Provider Identifier (NPI) to each physician,
supplier and other provider of health care...."

"A number of articles have been issued in recent months to educate and remind
physician, suppliers and other providers of the NPI and the application

"Effective October 1, 2006, First Coast Service Options will begin stage 2 of the
acceptance of the National Provider Identifier (NPI) submitted"

"Effective on Stage 2 of the NPI implementation, you may submit either the Legacy
provider identifier, NPI or both. First Coast Service Option Inc, strongly suggest
that you submit BOTH the legacy provider identifier AND the NPI at this time to
help prevent processing delays."

"It is imperative that when submitting provider legacy numbers and NPIs that you
match the correct NPI with the correct legacy provider number"

"As noted in previous announcements by the agency and our contractors, CMS plans to
begin testing the new software that has been developed to use the National Provider
Identifier (NPI) in the existing Medicare fee-for-service claims processing systems.
Providers have until May 23, 2008, before you are required to submit claims with only
an NPI. Until testing is complete within the Medicare processing systems, CMS urges
providers to continue submitting Medicare fee-for-service claims in one of two ways."

Here at Computers Solutions & Consultant, Inc. and Budget Computer Systems, Inc.
we are ready to start using the NPI as of September 1 2006 but your system must
be updated the latest Version.
Even when there a few months until May 2008 to implement this changes, we encourage
you to update early since all customers must be updated.
Customers must be running Version 6 Revision 10.20 or Later. This update include
the NPI implementation also for Ref.Physician and Facilities as well as Doctors,
PA and DME office it self.

We are waiting for your response.


Mandy Lopez-Calleja
(305) 251 1446